I Believe in Paying it Forward

To whom much is given, much is Expected

In 2009 I created Camp Ohana Foundation, a United States based non profit organization with 501(c)(3) Status. Through our unique programs, Camp Ohana Foundation helps underprivileged children in Kenya grow up to become global citizens while at the same time, opening the world to children in the United States through cross cultural connections.

Since Camp Ohana Foundation was formed, we have achieved significant milestones which include

Constructed Clean Water wells that provide clean water to hundreds of families

Built the first Children’s Library in Kenya

Mentoring and providing hope to forgotten girls

Championing Environmental rehabilitation and Wildlife conservation programs

Opening the world and connecting children in Kenya with Children in USA, Canada and Spain

To join me and my team as we continue to change the world one child at a time visit www.campohana.org

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