Stephanie Arne (TV Show Host-Mutual of Omaha Wild Kingdom)

Amos may possibly be one of the most fascinating people I have ever met. His life is full of interesting stories of growing up in Kenya and traveling across the pond to follow his dream of connecting people of various cultures with his message of love and respect.

Admiral and Mrs Mullen, Chairman United States Joint Chiefs of Staff, 2007-2011

We were fortunate to meet Amos who spoke at an official US government function we attended in San Diego. Amos engaged the audience and connected with us in a very special way. His elegant, graceful and modest speaking style makes him one of the most captivating speakers of our time.

Patrick Egessa

Amos easily caught the attention of the accomplished professional as well as the easy going youngsters with his mix of substance, grace, appeal and the right balance of humor!

Nothing holds the attention of an audience like humor when a speech is delivered at the business end of proceedings. But I found myself captivated; it’s a hard job to do, holding the attention of a large audience from the word go to the end of the speech!

Edwin Sabuhoro (Nominee CNN Heroes 2015)

Amos speaks with ease, passion and connects with people of all ages. He presents his story and works in a compelling and effortless way that leaves you awestruck by what the future holds.

Listening to him, takes you on a life long journey to question the purpose of your life. Where this has fallen short, he engages you to unfold a multitude of opportunities that can impact the lives of many in a world where the need is high. He is a living reminder of compassion and a testimony to human kindness.

His constant smile makes you feel that life still is worthwhile.

Wally Amos ( Founder of Famous Amos Cookies)

Amos, is an eloquent, inspirational, captivating and motivational speaker who has a remarkable breath of real life and practical experience.

Marilyn Mosley Gordanier ( President Global 500 Environmental Program )

I had the opportunity to hear Amos speak at the Perak International Ecotourism Symposium in Malaysia.

He is a dynamic and mesmerizing speaker who connects with his audience and inspires them in a very powerful and meaningful manner.

Everything Rises and Falls on Leadership

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