International Speaker

I have travelled around the world speaking to audiences large and small. Now, you can bring me to your organization or event to provide my unforgettable insight and passion.

My Topics Include


Leadership & Influence

Influence is gained with people in 5 Levels. The 5 levels of Leadership provides a clear picture of leadership, breaks down leading into understandable steps, provides a clear game plan for leadership development and aligns leadership practices, principles and values.

Communicating, Connecting and Engaging 

Only one thing stands between you and Success. It is your ability to connect. Through this extraordinary keynote program, I share with you 5 principles and 5 practices for breaking the invisible barrier to influencing change, getting results, leadership and personal success.

Personal Growth

Are there tried and true principles that are certain to help a person grow? The Answer is Yes. I am very passionate about personal growth and I speak about everything i have learnt about what it takes to reach your potential.

Strength & Purpose

If you’ve ever sat back and looked at where you are in your life or felt insignificant, you’re not alone. If you’ve ever wondered if you matter, if you will leave anything behind or if you will be missed when you die, you’re not alone. Most people experience many of these life challenges just like you. Now you’ve found a solution.

I go thorough pre-event research and customize my program for each audience, industry, and circumstance. My engaging and captivating style grabs the crowd from the word “hello”. Your organization or group receives a program that is engaging, fun, energetic, and packed with practical and usable information. 

I combine my wide, diverse and practical experiences to deliver memorable keynotes and unforgettable experiences. 

I have spoken in over 32 cities and 17 countries around the world, I am recognized internationally for my ability to electrify any event or meeting with my candor, humor, insight and passion. Give me the opening keynote, and kick off your conference with explosive energy. Or have me as your closing keynote speaker, and send your people home inspired to put into action what they have learnt. 

Wherever you place me in your agenda, your meeting will be more successful, your people will thank you, and you’ll get the credit for arranging it. 

Everything Rises and Falls on Leadership

My Speaking Style

Amos Balongo is a Certified Speaker, Trainer and Coach


About Me

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