Breaking Free

Breaking Free

There are a lot of reasons why people feel timid about themselves. For some it might be the fact that they lack confidence or they think they are inferior. Others may have a more deep rooted cause.  A painful childhood experience may be one. Whatever  it may be, know that unless you stand up and  face your fears, “YOU CAN NEVER BE FREE.”   You will remain in that prison of fear, not until you break yourself free.

Take the first step – Express yourself!  Be bold, be brave. It all starts with a single bold step for you to stand up and talk.  I was once a person who was afraid to come out of the box.  I had myself confined to what I thought, are just the things I can do.  But I want to be a better version of myself. The day I made that decision was the day my life changed.  It is now my passion to be a motivational speaker. Inspiring and helping people find their true selves.

One of the cores in motivational speaking is your story.  Use the pains and the joys in your life to motivate people. What makes your speech unique is that you have experienced some situations, and somehow you broke free from them and came out triumphantly. You have to possess the authority in your voice to change lives for good.

Public speaking is on the list of things that we are afraid to do. The fear of being watched closely by people, or the insecurity and self-consciousness during the presentation brings jitters.

Here are some tips to help give you a polished, professional speech.

  1. Get to know your audience: As a speaker you need to know the people you are relating to.   What are their interests? Their background? Why they came to hear you speak? What are the ideas you want to share with them? Involve them.  Initiate some interaction by putting some discussion.
  2. Define the purpose of your talk:  What do you expect your audience to do as a result of listening to your speech? What is really at the heart of your speech? By focusing on the “end result” rather than slogging through the beginning. Create a powerful punch that drives home the message rather than creating a ramble.
  3. Share a story. In public speaking, it is called a “hook” – something that attracts the attention of your audience and makes them sit down and listen. Start by asking questions or sharing an experience you have had. People like to be active audience rather than passive listeners. But by giving them something that they can identify with, you will find that your audience is just like you; which makes your speech much easier. Make sure your story has a beginning, a point, and an end. There is nothing as bad as telling a story to a captive audience and then forgetting why you said it! Storytelling is one key factor in any inspirational speaking.
  4. Focus on benefits not features:  If you sell a product, focus on the benefits rather than features. People prefer to hear what a product can do for them. Talk about how your product can solve problems.
  5. Involve your audience:  Using PowerPoint presentations is great, but can also be overwhelming – or very boring. Instead, give your audience something to do, providing flipcharts fill-in-the-blank team activities. This technique will strengthen and develop your message in a way that the computer presentation cannot.
  6. Focus on the BIG PICTURE:  Make sure your speech ends in a way that recalls the beginning. Professional Speakers can get carried away with the details and leave their audience asking, “What is the point of all this” People normally digest information in “chunks”, so just focus on the big picture instead.

If you have these six tips in mind, you will not only have an easier time but also overcome your fear of public speaking, and you’re going to have a very appreciative audience who in turn will be more receptive and ready to try your product or service.


Amos Balongo

Amos has been a Corporate Motivational speaking sensation since moving to the United States from Africa. He has presented at several Leadership conferences and summits and traveled to over 32 countries motivating and transforming Leaders with his message. Organizations like United States Pacific Command, United Nations, United States Airforce, The YMCA’s of the USA, United States Navy and many others have hired Amos to speak. Amos is also a Philanthropist and has developed many initiatives in the United States and in Africa, empowering and equipping leaders through various leadership opportunities.
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