Difference Between Inspirational Speaker and Motivational Speaker


The Difference Between Inspiration Speaker and Motivational Speaker

By Amos Balongo


There is an enormous difference between a motivational speaker and inspirational speaker; however, in my opinion, you should choose a speaker who is each of them. First of all, I will mark out the difference and then show you the reasons you need either.

Motivational speakers motivate people to make a behavior change. And to me, that is exactly where the best value is: why should you hire a speaker if you aren’t concerned about permanent change?

Motivational Speakers assist individuals, organizations, and leaders become more productive and excited about what they are currently doing. Think about your organization or association: more about your people who have the training coupled with the expertise to excel, yet for some reasons they are not. They do know the best way to sell, or to work in the team, or offer client satisfaction; but they don’t. So why? It is a lack of motivation.

If employees have lost their motivation to work competently or further excel in their current placements, a motivational speaker can revive their passion for their job. Great motivational speakers will assist your people to think better, work better, and be better. Whether the concern is sales, morale, dealing with change, management, leadership or virtually anything else you can imagine, when your team is more motivated you’d notice increases in sales, creativity, and efficiency.

Inspirational speakers are likewise essential, though I think they are less involved in helping individuals make definite changes then providing them with an ideal reference with excellence. Inspirational speakers have an incredible back story. For example, they probably have climbed a greater mountain, managed a good sized firm, developed a product, overcome a disastrous accident or even a physical problem.

A great inspirational speaker is very enthusiastic about their message and efficiently delivers it in a relatable and gripping manner, while getting the listener in on an intense emotional level.

Often, we are inspired when we listen to their stories and realize just how well they are doing despite their problems. We could imagine, ‘Wow, if they can perform that well given their challenges, then I should do as much well with all the benefits I have.’

Being inspired is a great one. But what is more desirable is being inspired and getting motivated to change all at once. Inspiration without behavior change is simply a narrow approach.

The best speaker is an inspirational motivational speaker. That means they are both! They give their best to motivate people though they also have to inspire. Since inspiration is a call to action, then motivation is much like receiving just half a sandwich. It could be okay, but it’s not filling.

While you consider hiring a speaker to your meeting or conference, make sure you ask your prospective speaker what their view is on motivation versus inspiration. If they are unable to give you a well-reasoned response, keep calling. There are certainly some fantastic motivational speakers out there; just continue with the search until you finally find the right one.

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