Crisis Defines Leadership

Episode 3_ Crisis Defines Leadership

One of the biggest and unprecedented crises that this planet has witnessed is the Coronavirus pandemic.  The world was put on a stand still.  One virus placed us all on equal footing.    It does not matter if you are a high profile personality or an ordinary citizen – anyone can be hit by this virus.   Even the most successful individuals were not spared.   It knows no bounds.

The pandemic is a temporary phase and eventually it will pass.  As we traverse this difficult journey, the world needs good Leaders who will step-up to tone down the fears,  anxieties and continuously keep the light of hope burning.  This is an arduous task that even a seasoned individual can hardly accomplish alone.  Every head of state needs a reliable and dependable team that will put the interest of the majority above anything else in order to succeed.

A team is composed of individuals with varied personalities, characters and perspectives – which may result in disagreements and heated arguments – that can lead to delays in decision making, or worse, failure of the team to effectively perform their respective duties.  Needless to say, it is not easy to work with a team.  

This is the very reason why in building a team, a leader must not simply look for like-minded people, but more importantly like-valued people.  Each team member must know how to respect their leader and contribute in bringing the team’s goals to a higher level that will bring  success for the team.

The crisis we are in defines the kind of leaders we have.  The true character of a person is tested and revealed when under fire.  Getting through such a crisis can be tough. But a cohesive team will help resolve this difficult journey,  bearing with them a positive outlook. 

Continue to  Inspire one another.  In your simple ways, be like a Life Coach or a Motivational Coach to any who needs to be uplifted  in such challenging times.  

“The True Test Of Leadership Is How Well You Function In A Crisis.” – Brian Tracy

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Amos Balongo

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