Stand Up for What Is Right

Stand Up for What is Right

Social media is such a powerful tool.  People express their opinions or sentiments over so many things through social media.  However, in this era where social media has such immense power, some people refrain from expressing their views in fear of getting “bashed.” (such a famous word in the digital world.)  

I take my hats off to netizens who boldly declare what is on their mind.  Gutsy I would say. More than that, they exemplify the true meaning of “fortitude.”  Having the courage and strength in the face of adversity. Standing up for what they think is right and just.

Fortitude is essential in good leadership.  Unfortunately, some leaders are more concerned with how a certain decision would affect their image rather than what is beneficial for the greater good.  Often times instead of fighting for what is right, they simply go with the flow, because that is the simpler or easier choice. Whether the decision is right or wrong,  becomes secondary, and often times, it doesn’t even matter.

Leaders should realize that they can not please everybody.  Whatever decisions they make will always have pros and cons. Leaders have the capability to make decisions on behalf of others.  Decisions that will impact others. This responsibility is to be exercised with wisdom and humility.

Expect failure to be part of your journey.  However, use that failure in making better sound judgment in the future.  Just keep going. If what you are standing for is right, you can never go wrong.

Fortitude is the capacity to say no when the world wants to hear yes. ” —  Erich Fromm


Amos Balongo

Amos has been a Corporate Motivational speaking sensation since moving to the United States from Africa. He has presented at several Leadership conferences and summits and traveled to over 32 countries motivating and transforming Leaders with his message. Organizations like United States Pacific Command, United Nations, United States Airforce, The YMCA’s of the USA, United States Navy and many others have hired Amos to speak. Amos is also a Philanthropist and has developed many initiatives in the United States and in Africa, empowering and equipping leaders through various leadership opportunities.