Watch Out For The Cliff

Watch Out for the Cliff

Do you recall a time when you had to beat all odds just to achieve your goals in life? Storming the highest heavens in the quest to attain a worthy goal.  It is the sweetest victory one could taste. That is the power of perseverance.

Perseverance is when you pursue something despite the difficulties. You keep on going even if it hurts because you are confident that you can do it.   This is one trait that every leader must possess. However, there are times when you will reach a certain point, you must have the wisdom to know when to stop.  That is what I call “smart leadership.”

It seems these statements are contradictory however, they are not and here is why:

Out of our eagerness to succeed in life, we do whatever it takes.  However, our drive blinds us to see that there is a sharp curve ahead and instead of succeeding, we fall off the cliff.

This is true for business owners.  When a business encounters a dry spell, one will find ways and means to save it.  The owner will borrow money left and right because they are confident that eventually, the business will recover.  Often times they fail to see the other blindspots. As a result instead of recovering, the business goes out of business.

It is good to work doubly hard and do everything to make things happen.  As we focus on our goals, a wise leader must be on alert to see the cliffs along the way.  Do not stop, but pause and check on these pit falls. Know how they will affect your goals and find a way to resolve them then and only then, continue pursuing your goals.  As you work your way up, you are able to clear your path of the bumps and humps and all your efforts in pursuing your goals will not remain futile.



Amos Balongo

Amos has been a Corporate Motivational speaking sensation since moving to the United States from Africa. He has presented at several Leadership conferences and summits and traveled to over 32 countries motivating and transforming Leaders with his message. Organizations like United States Pacific Command, United Nations, United States Airforce, The YMCA’s of the USA, United States Navy and many others have hired Amos to speak. Amos is also a Philanthropist and has developed many initiatives in the United States and in Africa, empowering and equipping leaders through various leadership opportunities.