Your Mind in Action

Episode 8_ Mind in Action (1)

Have you wondered why amongst all the organs in our body, the brain was put on top?  Some people even say, when you make a decision, use your mind over heart and not heart over mind.  Using the heart pertains to the emotions, while with the mind it is more objective.  

Our brain is central from all the organs of our body.  It controls all functions of the body, it governs intelligence, creativity, emotion, and memory. The thoughts, memory and speech, movement of the arms and legs, and the function of many organs within our body are all controlled by the brain.  What am I driving at?

Leaders do a lot of thinking.  They have to think fast especially in circumstances where their thinking will affect the majority.  Leaders must be creative thinkers to get a lead of their market.  They have to conceptualize various ways and means for all their plans to materialize.   However, the journey to success requires hard work.  A plan, no matter how well it was conceptualized, if not executed, will remain to be just that, a plan.  The motivation, the inspiration behind the thinking all goes to waste if there is no accompanying action.  It is only when your thoughts are converted into action can you say that you succeeded.  

This is the very reason why the brain dominates the other organs.  The information formed in the brain is eventually relayed to our five senses, that will result in actionable plans.

When I first set foot in America, I knew what I wanted.  There was a picture in mind of how I envisioned my life to be, who I want to be and where I want to be.  If I nailed that thought in my mind, I will never reach where I am.  I am a motivational speaker, I am a leadership coach because I went beyond the thinking.  I made the decision to take calculated risks and turned my thoughts into reality.  I worked my way towards my dreams – I made things happen.

“Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality.” — Warren Bennis


Amos Balongo

Amos has been a Corporate Motivational speaking sensation since moving to the United States from Africa. He has presented at several Leadership conferences and summits and traveled to over 32 countries motivating and transforming Leaders with his message. Organizations like United States Pacific Command, United Nations, United States Airforce, The YMCA’s of the USA, United States Navy and many others have hired Amos to speak. Amos is also a Philanthropist and has developed many initiatives in the United States and in Africa, empowering and equipping leaders through various leadership opportunities.